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Everything You Need to Know about Anaheim

Each year, countless tourists come to Anaheim, California, to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Located in southern California, Anaheim has plenty of sun and pleasant weather all year round, creating the perfect backdrop for a vacation. Because of this, Anaheim has been well developed for tourism and is now thoroughly equipped to support travelers from around the globe with a wide variety of activities and conveniences.

With so much to do and see, it might seem like planning a trip to Anaheim is easy. However, the number of options makes it essential for travelers to be well prepared and properly informed. This way, it is possible to make the right decisions for any budget and any vacation preference.

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--3) Nightlife in Anaheim

--4) Dining in Anaheim

5) Shopping around Disneyland

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To get started, here is an overview of everything you need to know about Anaheim, California.


Most people come to Anaheim for Disneyland. Billed as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland is a tourism giant, attracting people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. While Disneyland is usually a multi-day affair for most guests, there are certainly other things to do while staying in Anaheim.

Another popular attraction is Adventure City. Although it is smaller and less famous than Disneyland, Adventure City has plenty of rides for the whole family to enjoy. Guests may also enjoy skating at Anaheim Ice, a public rink that welcomes over 6,000 skaters each week. There are also two golf courses in Anaheim and many more in the surrounding area. For sports fans, there are year-round viewing options to consider. From the spring through the fall, the Anaheim Angels play baseball at Angel Stadium. Over the winter months, guests can buy tickets to see the Anaheim Ducks play hockey at the Honda Center.

More events are available throughout the year at the Anaheim Convention Center. This convention center is the largest on the west coast, and it routinely hosts a wide range of events that attract people from around the country and even the world. Events will vary and may have limited availability to the public, depending on the focus. Even so, the Anaheim Convention Center is a mainstay in the city and is a tourism center. Many of the other attractions in the city are located nearby in order to facilitate easy passage from one place to the next.

Anaheim is also close to a variety of other attractions in the wider Orange County area. Guests looking for more options can find zoos, aquariums, beaches, boating and so much more. [Top]

Cultural Attractions

Although Anaheim is largely devoted to entertaining the masses, there are still opportunities for a little cultural touch in the city. One of the best options is MUZEO, an art museum situated in downtown Anaheim. MUZEO is great for the whole family since the exhibits are diverse and distinctively interactive. Anaheim also has its own nonprofit ballet company, Anaheim Ballet, which trains and performs in the city. The Orange County Symphony is also located in Anaheim, putting on nine performances each year.[Top]


Too many people make the mistake of filling their vacation with so many activities that they never have time to relax. Fortunately, there are ample opportunities for leisure in Anaheim. Guests can stop and see a movie at the Anaheim Garden Walk, or they can sit back and enjoy live music at the House of Blues in the Disney district. The 300 Anaheim Bowling & Entertainment Center is another great choice for a restful night since it features everything from bowling to a full-service bar. Dancing and live music are also available at Ember Cafe and Music Club, which is a staple of the nightlife scene in Orange County.

Guests who are looking to experience the height of relaxation should try the Drift Spa. The massage experts at Drift Spa work to relieve stress and enhance the body, leaving all guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The spa even has a dry sauna that all guests are welcome to use at the end of their stay at Drift Spa. [Top]


With so much focus on tourism, it is perhaps no surprise that there are many options for dining in Anaheim. From national chains to local favorites, there is a little something to please every appetite and to fit every budget. For those staying near Disneyland or the Convention Center, some of the most accessible restaurants are located at the Anaheim Garden Walk. Restaurants here include Morton's The Steak House, PF Chang's, the Cheesecake Factory and more. Both Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen and Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar are located in the vibrant downtown Disney district.

For those looking to experience the very best while in Anaheim, a stop at the Anaheim White House or Mr. Stox may be in order. Another popular choice is The Catch Restaurant, which features a modern flair and is located a short distance from the resort district. [Top]


Shopping is another popular pastime in Anaheim. Although there are a number of tourist shops in and around Disneyland, people looking for a more expansive shopping experience should be sure to visit the Garden Walk. The Garden Walk features some of the trendiest stores and has a wide selection of shopping opportunities for the whole family. For those who are looking for deals, taking a small drive to Outlets at Orange may be worthwhile. There are over 120 stores in this premier outlet mall, featuring upscale options like Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom Rack and the Tommy Hilfiger Company Store. [Top]


Anaheim is a major city in southern California, so it is easily accessible from major airports including LAX. Anaheim is located on the I-5 and Route 91. Guests can also travel by bus or train since there are stops for Greyhound, Metrolink and Amtrack in Anaheim. The city is well equipped with public transportation to facilitate travel throughout the city and surrounding areas. There is also a special resort transit system for tourists to use during their stay. [Top]

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