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Newport Beach Film Festival - April 23-30 2015

Your chance to see the best of classic and contemporary filmmaking

The Annual Newport Beach Film Festival is your chance to join 50,000 other film enthusiasts in a world-class event that celebrates the best and the brightest talent in the filmmaking industry. During the course of the 8-day festival, 15 theaters will hold more than 300 screenings of short and full-length films in a variety of genres.

Newport Beach puts on a big show for the more than 50,000 movie fans that are expected to be in attendance during this week-long event. While the films are the central attraction of this most popular Orange County festival, you can also mingle with celebrities, attend special events and maybe even be invited to a fabulous party.

Opening Night

The festivities get under way on Thursday evening with VIPs and celebrities walking the red carpet before the Opening Night film. Once the preliminary festivities conclude, everyone will head inside the Edwards Big Newport to see the specially selected Opening Night film. After the screening, at about 10 pm, the party will move over to Fashion Island where Esquire magazine will host a live performance and a Taste of Newport Beach Gala. While being entertained, guests will be treated to some amazing dishes and light cuisine prepared by the area’s best chefs and restaurants.

Themes and genres

Filmmakers from 40 countries will all try to put their best foot forward by presenting works in a variety of different genres. Documentaries will focus on a broad range of subject matter including art, pop culture, the environment, current political issues, and historic events.

You will get to see some truly creative animated films as well as some that are dedicated to action sports and dance. With so many screenings taking place at venues all around town, it is best to check the schedule so you won’t miss the movie you really want to see.

Entertaining and also educational

Attending the Newport Beach Film Festival is much more than just going to see a feature film at your local movie theater. While you can go out on any Saturday night and get a big bucket of popcorn and be entertained by the movie, you don’t get the added experience of learning the inside story of how the movie was made.

After most of the screenings, there will be a discussion period where the filmmaker or a member of the staff that produced the movie will let you in on some of the inside story about what you just saw. You may hear about the technical problems they had to work out or what inspired them to make the movie. You will have a chance to ask questions and interact with the creative artists who made an idea come to life.

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