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Garden Grove’s Strawberry Festival / May 22 - 25 2015

Garden-Grove-Strawberry-Festival-2014More than 300,000 expected for this year’s four-day party

Everyone who comes out on opening day will be treated to free strawberry shortcake. Stake out a good spot on Saturday to get a close-up view of the big parade. The Strawberry Festival is four days of exciting rides, live music performances, contests, food and just a bunch of good, wholesome fun.

Garden Grove has been putting on the Strawberry Festival since 1958 and this year’s 56th annual edition promises to be another fantastic event. Coinciding with the Memorial Day weekend, this year’s Strawberry Festival starts at 1pm on Friday, May 22 and runs through 9pm on May 25.

The Strawberry Festival takes place at the Village Green, between Euclid and Main Street in downtown Garden Grove. There will be hundreds of booths set up on the grounds offering food, hand-crafted items and souvenirs. Try your luck at a game of chance on the Midway. Head over to the Showmobile to catch one of the great musical acts. The Amphitheatre will be the site for some lively performances and contests.


What is a festival without rides? You can buy a pass that will allow you to ride all day ($25 on Friday, $30 on the other days) or you can pay for each ride individually. The Strawberry Festival will feature more than 35 different rides ranging from fairly tame kiddie rides to exhilarating rides that are more suitable for older children and adults. Rides are broken down into three categories.

Major rides include traditional staples like the Eagle Ferris Wheel, the Crown Merry Go Round, and the Mardi Gras Funhouse. If you want an out-of-this-world experience, hop aboard the Starship 3000. When the engines start the Starship will begin to spin. When it reaches 24 RPM, you will lift-off on your journey into space.

Spectacular rides are for those who want some real thrills. Vertigo is a thrill ride that takes you up 100 feet off the ground. In your seat, suspended from cables, you will start to spin around the center tower. Don’t get dizzy as you begin your spinning descent back to firm ground. The spectacular rides twist and spin you and make you want to shout. If you’re not too scared, try the Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster.

Kiddie & family rides are designed for the little ones. Your three year-old will love taking a ride on the Looney Tooter Train. Other kiddie rides that are always a big hit include Jungle Fun, the Dizzy Dragon, and the Chopper Hopper.

Strawberry Festival Parade

Fill up on the Strawberry Festival breakfast at the Garden Grove Community Center and then get ready to watch the Strawberry Festival Parade. It starts at 10am and features marching bands, classic cars, film and TV celebrities and, of course, Miss Garden Grove and her court.

Musical performances

Scheduled to perform during the Festival are a host of talented bands. The Abrakadabra Band features Latin Jazz and Pop rhythms while the Third Degree Band will play the Blues. If you like a little of everything, the Full Spectrum Band will serenade you with everything from Swing and Jazz to Classic Rock and current Top 40 hits.


On Friday, the winner of the Tiny Tots King & Queen Contest (age 3-6) will be announced. The Berry Berry Beautiful Baby (age 3 months – 3 years) is crowned on Sunday. Redheads of all ages get their chance to shine on Monday.

So much more

Something exciting is going on all of the time. Want to show off your singing talents? Enter the Strawberry Idol Karaoke competition. A Michael Jackson impersonator is sure to be entertaining and you won’t want to miss a performance by the Guardettes Dance Group.

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